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Charles McCoy (left) and Patrick Tully (center) of Avatar
New York

“Lot’s of people think it would be easier if they were the boss. What many fail to recognize however, is the inundating amount of work required to keep a successful business going strong… in my hectic world, it is comforting to know there is help. My company, active social life and family involvement keep me extremely busy. Aran and Girl Friday Concierge have come to the rescue many times. To name just a few: Girl Friday Concierge organized Avatar New York’s prospects & contacts database; created, printed and mailed the invitations, collected the responses and printed and tagged the placecards for a high-level customer event; and has seamlessly assisted us with every aspect of social and professional engagements—from dinner reservations to meeting planning.”
"If you don't have a personal assistant of your own, contact Girl Friday Concierge. Outsourcing time consuming tasks translates simply to more freedom.”

- Charles McCoy, President, Avatar New York


"Aran is very intelligent, logical, and organized. She has the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while delivering high quality results. I trust her to manage very important projects with key industry leaders and customers knowing she will accomplish our objectives and leave a lasting positive impression on all who participated. Aran has a delightful personality and is a joy to work with."

Rod Kellogg,
Vice President of Sales, DexCom, Inc (based in San Diego)
"The attention, professionalism and detail that Girl Friday Concierge has delivered is nothing short of extraordinary. The staff is always there when I need them. The advice they have given me has been incredibly helpful. The enthusiasm they have shown in understanding my needs and those of my business has not only been rewarding, but also a bit addicting! We have an executive membership package and I can confidently recommend Aran and her team to anyone."

Robert Tangney, President, Galbraiths USA
(based in New York)
“Girl Friday Concierge is an innovative, proactive company with a confident staff and impressive resources. I started small—outsourcing bill pay and organizing my contacts. That grew to travel plans and itineraries. I am a new client and very happy with the initial results!"

Shawn Santos, Director,
Point B, Inc.
(based in San Diego)